Holding Structures
Структура Холдинга

Holding Structures

The Netherlands is an attractive destination for International Holding structures. The legal system, a wide network of tax treaties, a business environment that thrives on international companies and a workforce that is internationally oriented makes that many international companies are choosing the Netherlands for its destination for its ultimate holding structure.


From an audit perspective, assuming that your consolidated financial statements indicate assets, turnover and employees above the threshold, you must have a compulsory audit in the Netherlands. As a group auditor, your auditor must be able to instruct, and even be present, the component auditor for the various entities, also in your country of origin. This makes the tasks of a group auditor (regulated by ISA 600 and in the Netherlands NV COS 600) important and responsible.


Being a group auditor is a speciality. To understand the impact and complications of such role requires a thorough understanding of the Dutch and international regulations, as well as the specific requirements in the country of origin. We work closely together with your auditors in the country of origin to achieve efficiency, while our Dutch auditors will be highly involved in the whole audit process.


Based on the regulations of the AFM, the regulator must have access to the audit files, also in the country of origin. This requires a communication between the group auditor and the component auditor which will secure that access. 


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